My name is Kevin Johnson, and i’m a Freelance Designer although most of my time is spent on being a Community Coordinator at Electronic Arts UK. I’ve a passion for minimalism but also the use of bold colors, mostly pink though, yeah.. I like pink Not just any type of pink mind, I am talking about that eye burning pink, that pink that everyoooone uses, but uses it incorrectly…


I got a bit lost there, with describing the color pink, sorry. I’ve always loved facing challenges with design and the constant battle that it takes to keep ahead or upto date with the latest design trends.

Sometimes I like to write about the things that I go through in life, answer questions that I am asked by the few followers that I have and document a few things too, maybe even share an interview or two about those that inspire me.

I am constantly making my own little passion projects too such as EscapeTheLevel which is a concept art & design showcase about the world of videogaming. Often people fail to recognize just the amount of work that goes into creating a videogame and often it starts with a concept artist or some brightspark in the corner of a room thinking up some pretty amazing locations. I like showcasing that stuff and providing love towards those artists, give them a bit of recognition – they deserve it.

I currently work at Multiplay as a Community Coordinator and also at Electronic Arts UK as a Community Coordinator on franchises such as Battlefield, Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront. I’ve had the pleasure of working on communities for over 11 Electronic Art’s titles over the past 6 years. It is without a doubt one of my passions, to better a gamers experience.

Aside from here on my portfolio, you can find some of my work on the likes of Behance. I also have a little bit of a list going on over at LinkedIn in regards to what I have been upto work wise.

If you fancy keeping an eye on my social ranting, do follow me over on Twitter, and if you ever need to get in touch with me about having a chat or perhaps with a possible project that may peak my interest you can always get in touch with me at